Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Car DIYs aren’t a new thing for the practical. If you are someone who wants to save money (who doesn’t) or want to learn how to do things on your own, then a DIY project is great for you.

When it comes to our cars, we all differ in opinions about how to maintain it. Some would prefer the work of a professional. Some others want to learn how to do it in order to save some bucks or to add another skill up their sleeves. Both are not bad. It just depends on your needs and preferences.

Not everyone is an automobile expert. But some repair and maintenance can be done easily. In every car DIY, your best friend will be the user’s manual. Here are some basic things you can do by yourself to maintain your car and keep it running in good condition.

1. Windshield wipers

Some auto shops sell windshield wipers. Some even offer a free installation if you buy them. If your windshield wipers are not overly used, or if you don’t use them often, you don’t have to change them frequently. There are two things you can do. One, if your windshield screams dirt, you can clean it yourself so your windshields won’t have a hard time scraping the up and down. Two, clean your windshield wipers as well. Since they too collect dirt, they should be wiped clean as well. Microfiber cloths are widely available so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one.

2. Air filter

Replacing the air filter will only take a few minutes if you clean them on your own. If you want a mechanic to do it for you, you will have to give up your car for a day or half of it. It is recommended that you change your air filter every year. If you want to do it on your own, you can take it out from the black rectangular case in the hood surrounded by metal clips. Remove the air filter and replace a new one in the exact manner and direction it was taken out. The metal clips are locks so be sure to secure them back.

3. Spark plug

The owner’s manual will tell when you should replace your sparkplug. The spark plug should be installed in a particular manner but it won’t be too complicated that you won’t be able to do it yourself. All you need is patience. They should be easy to find because they’re fastened to thick wires. Depending on the number of cylinders your car has, spark plugs can run from four to eight or even more. To replace the spark plugs, all you have to remember is that they are arranged in a certain way. You should not remove all the wires at once. The first thing to do is to remove the wire of the first spark plug. Then, use a spark plug socket to remove the first sparkplug. Install the new one by screwing it and tightening it manually. Do not over-tighten. Repeat for the remaining spark plugs one at a time.

To make your car look its best, regular washing and a few detailing should be done. Call Ace Mobile Detailing or your trusted professional company to make your car sparkle.